The Art of Provenance


Unique Identification

We use machine vision algorithms to uniquely identify and seal the artwork.


Entering the ChainProof's Ecosystem, the owner can increase artwork's commercialization.

Integral Proof of Provenance

Each seal is permanently an unbreakably stored in blockchain.

Ecosystem Services


Digitize your certifications and secure them with state of the art technologies.


A single point to manage all your assets.


Increase your asset valuation by providing strong proofs for documenting your assets.


Exhibit your assets and let the visitors receive certified content.


ChainProof is the solution in the combat against the Art fraud. By using Machine Vision algorithms and the integrity of the blockchain technology we uniquely seal an artwork without changing its visual identity. Then, by scanning the artwork with our mobile app, its footprint is recognised and the associated history is retrieved from the blockchain network.

Our Awesome Team

Manolis Adamopoulos

Manolis Adamopoulos

Sales Strategy
Demetris Gerogiannis

Demetris Gerogiannis

Business Strategy
Alexis Polyzos

Alexis Polyzos

Business Operations
John Polyzos

John Polyzos

Product Development
Konstantinos Tsiounis

Konstantinos Tsiounis

Marketing Strategy

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